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What to Know about Windshield Repair and Replacements

The windshield technology is nothing but amazing , there are two layers of glass there and one layer of polyvinyl butyrate(PVB). The plastic there is just to hold the entire thing together. Wind shield damage occurs in one of two ways, either through complete shatter and on the other hand you can have a rock shatter which will appear in the form of a star or a bullseye most of the times. Rock chips will appear to be innocuous but over time it will spread and over a large part of the windshield which you will notice if you will have the vehicle for a long period of time. There are some conditions that accelerate the rock chips on the windshield such as temperature changes and the condition of the road that you are driving on. repair of windshields has improved over time and its actually better to repair because replacement comes at a cost .

Repair of the windshield is essentially preventative maintenance and it will work well for you depending on when you do it. The average motorist will not be bothered by a rock chip damage that is not in the acute care of the vehicle. Do not let the rock chip damage spread from the point of impact because when it spreads repairs become an option you no longer have. When it has come to doing a replacement you need to find a windshield that is for your particular vehicle model.

The windshields that are made by the original manufacturer are expensive in comparison to the aftermarket types that are more common in the market. The cost of the windshield will go up if it comes with some additional features such as heating elements, sun coatings among others. The company seal has to be tampered with on your car if you are looking to do a replacement, replicating the same is impossible when you are installing new windshield. If the replacement is not done the proper way it’s going to lead to water damage as water is going to leak inside the vehicle.

Together with the airbags and the seat belts the windshield lays a protective role in case you are involved in an accident where you roll over. The windshield role kicks in to hold the structural integrity of the passenger’s compartment so that the vehicle does not cave in on them. Some studies have proven the dangers of improperly installed windshields to be injuries and even death in worst case scenarios. If you observe cracks on your windshield take care of them with repairs as early as possible to prevent them from getting out of hand.

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