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Why You Should Use Penetration Testing For Your Website

Penetration testing can essentially be described as a process through which a cyber-security professional tests a computer system, a network, or a web application with the sole purpose of finding out any weaknesses or loopholes that a hacker can exploit to gain illegal access to your website. Since hackers have gotten a lot smarter, this is a very important step that business owners should not miss if they are to stay ahead of the hackers and ensure that their websites and systems are well protected. In such a process, the cyber-security professional uses all the means and tricks that a criminal hacker would normally use to try to access your system. It is important that one ensures that they choose a cyber-security professional who is very well experienced in all forms of penetration testing, if they are to get the best results. Discussed below are more benefits of carrying out penetration testing.

One of the main advantages of carrying out penetration testing is that the weaknesses of your system are exposed before any real harm is done by real hackers. Here, since the system is subjected to the same stresses like those of criminal hacking, the professional is able to identify any loopholes that will allow hacking and can then give a detailed report of the loopholes and the measures that can be taken to rectify them.

Through penetration testing, areas in the system that require extra security are revealed. This is because pen testing will expose the areas where the defense is weak and where it will not be able to hold up well against threats, therefore, allowing you to take correcting measures such as training staff on the importance of using strong passwords if weak passwords are part of the problem.

This process also gives a business owner an outside perspective on the security of the system. One can get blind-sided as a result of the presence of blind spots if one only relies on his or her IT professionals to put up a strong defense. Therefore, it is important to get an outside view by hiring a professional pen tester to avoid mistakes.

This process will also save you money in the long run. This is because it prevents any future breaches hence there is no danger of losing customers due to breach of customers’ data and the system is also protected from any hackers who may steal your money through cyber-crime especially if you do a lot of online transactions.

In conclusion, pen testing is a very important step that should absolutely not be skipped since it will be a major risk as most of the businesses that have been subjected to cyber-crime before have not survived past six months, especially the small businesses.

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