Professional Cleaning For Homes And Businesses

Being a maid means that you have to pay attention to detail. You should be able to work around the schedule of your clients as well because some of them might have certain hours that they need cleaning services provided. Be prepared for some of your clients to stay in the home or in the business. This means that you need to be able to communicate with others while someone else might be looking over your shoulder to ensure that you are doing what you should.

When you offer maid service Silver Spring MD homeowners and businesses need, you should have all of your supplies organized and available in your vehicle so that you’re ready to work at a moment’s notice. Some of the things that you want to keep on hand include microfiber cloths, glass cleaner, an abrasive cleaner for hard jobs, and an all-purpose cleaner. You should also have a broom and a mop available unless your clients want you to use the equipment that they provide.

Find out if your clients are allergic to any kind of cleaners or scents or if there’s anything that they can’t tolerate smelling in the home. Try to use products that are family-friendly and safe for pets as well. When you begin cleaning, start with the small details to get them out of the way. Wait until you’re ready to leave before taking out the trash because you’re likely going to throw things away while you’re cleaning, so there’s no point in taking out the trash and then taking out another bag later. Start at the top of each room, working your way to the bottom so that all of the dust and debris in the room settles to the floor and the counters, making your job a bit easier so that you don’t have to clean the floors and then clean them again after washing the windows and counters. Find out if there’s anything specific that the client wants you to clean or if there are any certain products that you should use while in the home.