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Cheap Airfare Deals – Beat the Airlines to the Secret Airfare Deal You Want!

It is possible to find cheaper airfare, but you will need to be flexible in your travel arrangements to get the best airfare deals. Factors such as day of the week, final destination and choice of airport can cause a considerable variation in price. Flights early in the morning may also be cheaper as few like to depart at 2 am.
Airfares are usually cheaper during school term, so avoiding vacation times will help. Point of origin and destination are the next biggest factors. Different airlines use different airports as operational base; choose larger airports instead of smaller ones to avoid commuter flights.
For most destinations, flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are cheaper than the rest of the week. Including a weekend in your stay will also help with a cheaper deal.
Book early. The later you book, the more expensive the flight. Unless, of course, the flight is not very popular and seats are still available near to the departure date. Airlines don’t like too many empty seats so may reduce the price to encourage last minute travelers.
When hunting for airfare bargain deals online, be sure to search as many travel websites as you can to see their best prices. Check back frequently, as prices can change. Then check the airlines’ own sites. Frequently, the airline will sell you a ticket deal cheaper than the ticket websites. Fare prices are released to a central clearing house on pre-determined days in a week. Look for new fares after 2 pm, 4.30 pm and midnight. On weekends, look around 5.00pm.
Enrol in frequent flyer programs. These also offer savings in related areas such as hotel bookings and car rentals.
If a flight is operated by two airlines, check the ticket price with both airlines, as each airline sets their own price. Call the airline to ask them if they have any ‘specials.’ They won’t tell you – you have to ask!…