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Amazing Surat Thani

Located on the Eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand, Surat Thani is known as ‘the province of a thousand islands’ to the locals. This province is situated close to Krabi and Phuket and is the largest one in Southern Thailand. This place acts like a hub where many tourists from all over the world tend to pass by. So if you have time to spare, stay in Surat Thani hotels for about a night or two and experience what this beautiful place has to offer. The best time to visit this province is usually between April and November.
Things To Do
There are plenty of activities that you can do in this huge province. You can go swimming, sightseeing and even go for some real sports. If you are traveling with children and wish to bring them to an educational tour, check out Monkey College! It’s a great and fascinating tour where you get to watch how the locals train monkeys to pluck and distinguish between good and bad coconuts. That, or you can head down to Samui Football Golf Club where you can do some fun football kicking with your family!
What to Eat
Thailand is home to a variety of cheap and good food. In Surat Thani especially, there are a whole lot of cheap foods that can be found almost everywhere in the streets. Follow the rule of thumb – where there is a crowd, the food must be good. They also have various restaurants including Italian ones, as well as Chinese, European and of course traditional Thai ones. If you are looking for authentic Thai food, head down to Pawn’s Restaurant! Owned by Pawn herself, the restaurant serves great Paad Thai and Fried Banana Fritters. Yum!
Where to Stay
Depending on what you are looking for, Surat Thani has plenty of villas, hotels, apartments, resorts and bungalows. These Surat Thani hotels can either be located in town, hidden in the quiet village or even smacked right on the beach itself. Depending on your budget, Surat Thani offers a wide range of accommodations to suit your every needs and desires.
Surat Thani has a fairly reasonable nightlife scene here. However, do not expect it to be like those in Phuket’s infamous Patong Beach. The nightlife scene here is rather decent with a number of beach bars along Chaweng Beach, where their nightlife thrives. These bars include Viking Bar and Ourbar (the only Irish bar around). In fact, just walk along the beach and go to any bar which attracts you the most!…

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Check Out Amazing Barcelona Nightlife With Cheap Flights To Spain

Barcelona has some of the most amazing nightlife in the world. Hundreds of bars, clubs and restaurants dot the ancient city, and with great cheap flights to Spain available from many airports it’s easy to pop on a plane and jump straight into a great Barcelona night out. The sheer scope of this great city means that you can find anything you like as you head out for a drink.
If you are in Barcelona for a visit, the best place to start is Las Ramblas. Admittedly, this area is swarmed with fellow tourists, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the trip. Great bars, clubs and restaurants line the famous boulevard giving you a crash course introduction to the city. Grab a drink and test out your moves on the packed dance floors.
Once you tire of Las Ramblas, take in a bit of culture at Maumau. This relaxed bar is a great place to chill out and take in some great music. They’ve also been known to host film nights, art shows and concerts so be prepared for anything.
Finally, wrap up your night by heading to the London Bar. This pub dates from 1910 and has served many illustrious customers over its storied history. Order a drink and relish the fact that you are in a bar that was once frequented by giants such as Dali, Picasso and Hemingway.
With the night complete head back to your hotel content in the knowledge that there are hundreds of more bars and clubs still waiting to be discovered in the great city of Barcelona.
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