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Top 10 Ways to Save Money When Traveling on Business

Traveling on business can be expensive. Even if you have per diems or you get reimbursed, it can still be expensive – for you and your employer. There are a number of ways that you can pinch pennies to save money. From where you stay to what you eat, you can lower the total cost of travel so you aren’t going broke and taking the company down with you.

Don’t stay at a hotel. Hotels can be very expensive. Most aren’t going to offer you any kind of discount for staying there more than one night, either. While you might get reward points, that doesn’t help reduce the cost of your current trip. Corporate, executive apartments can be much more affordable.

Cook your own food. Eating out is one of the biggest reasons that business travel is so expensive. If you rent corporate apartments, you have an entire kitchen at your disposal. You can do a lot of your own cooking and save money.

Do your own laundry. Sending your laundry out also adds up. When you’re in a hotel, you have no choice. With an apartment, however, there is a washer and dryer inside to help you with doing your own laundry.

Avoid spending the evening at a bar. It can be lonely on travel so in order to get out and avoid being in the confines of a hotel with nothing to do, you go to the bar. Corporate apartments are equipped with a couch, lounge chair and even cable TV so you can hang out and enjoy yourself.

Stay close to work. If you find yourself doing a lot of traveling when you’re on business, it may be due to the fact that you are so far away from where you need to be. Stay closer and gas won’t be so expensive.

Rent a smaller car. If it’s just you and maybe one other person, there’s no need to have a big fancy car. The rental companies charge based on how small the car is. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars by downgrading one size.

Share housing. If there is more than one of you traveling at the same time, it can be cheaper to share corporate apartments. You may not be able to share a hotel room but an apartment has multiple rooms, ensuring you have privacy.

Don’t go out to movies. You don’t have to go to the movies when corporate apartments have a TV, DVD player and a microwave to pop popcorn.

Do work from home. If you’re spending time at coffee shops or internet cafes to do work, consider finding a place with Wi-Fi in your room.

Avoid getting massages. When you stay at a hotel on an uncomfortable bed, your back is usually killing you by the end of the week. You can avoid getting massages on business travel by staying somewhere that provides you with a larger, more comfortable bed, such as those found in corporate apartments.…