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Slavonia – A Golden Jewel of Croatia

We live near the sea, so we weren’t really used to going on holidays, but one year we decided to change this: we had some money but didn’t know where to go. We formed a family meeting and started making proposals: the problem was that all of the destinations were near the sea, which wasn’t what we wanted because we were sick with it. But then, out of nowhere, our youngest daughter told us that she had seen a video on television presenting a country which had great tourist possibilities for people who wanted to go inline. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember the name of the country, the only thing she knew was that the name started with a “c”. We turn on our computer and soon started to search for this mystical destination. It took us a lot of time, we had almost stopped, but in the end we found it – we decided to spend our holiday in Croatia.
We had decided to go to Slavonia because it was perfect for what we wanted: it was inline, had beautiful vast plains and it generally looked really promising. After a search for an accommodation in Croatia, we found a village which looked so great: it wasn’t big, so we knew we would have enough peace and quiet. But the thing that made us completely sure about our choice was the landscape: all the houses in the village were wooden, there was a big forest where we could go for a walk, near the village there was a river and there were golden plains full of wheat and corn, which looked amazing.
On the Internet, when we were searching for a place to stay, we found an article which said that private accommodation in Croatia (they meant apartments in Croatia) is a better choice than a hotel, at least for what we wanted. But we soon found out that these weren’t really apartments, these were actually smaller houses available for rent, but we didn’t bother with this because it suited our needs perfectly.
This village was a perfect solution for us because there was a big playground for our youngest child, our two daughters were able to go for a walk, watch television and use the Internet ; me and my wife could lie down with no worries on our mind: my wife didn’t have to cook because we ate their delicious meals and drank their wine. It was a truly relaxing and hedonistic holiday. We hope to spend our next holiday in Croatia, and we surely won’t go to a hotel because apartments in Croatia give you a way to truly experience everything the country has to offer.…