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Lawn Care Tips

The benefits of lawn care include making it appealing to the eye while at the same time increasing its amount. There are so many reasons as to why a lawn should be well taken care of especially with the fact that it is a playground for your children. There are several ways that you can use to keep your loan healthy and well maintained at all times. Below are some of the tips of maintaining a healthy lawn in details.

Mowing should be the first consideration you take note of. In as much as you have to ensure that you mow to a given size the best advice is always to keep it at three inches. The grass is likely to get competition from the weeds if you cut the grass to a length lesser than three inches. A rule expert’s use is that mowing takes a third of the general grass. The professionals call it the one third rule. More weeds are cut if mowing goes in different directions opposed to doing it in a given direction. Make sure that you sharpen your mower blades every year to avoid tearing leaves instead of ripping them.

For overall maintenance of grass and to have the roots grow deep you have to regularly water the plants. The percentage of water and amount necessary for a given lawn are affected by given factors. Among the many factors involved some include soil type, mowing height, wind, heat. A grass needs a lot of water under large trees while greens in shades need little water. When watering consider the mornings as there will be less evaporation. Think of the evening as the leaves will remain wet for a long time, and this may open them to diseases. It is possible for the grass to turn brown in hotter climates and come back to green in wet temperatures.

The best way to go about dealing with fertilizers is to wait until the levels of nutrients are unexpectedly down. There are a number of factors that will give you a hint when fertilizers are necessary. The possible factors here are the lawn age, soil type, grass type, climate among others. Different times could call for different fertilizers as different conditions need different nutrients; that is why you need to know when to use what fertilizer and why.

A healthy, dense and active turf can only be kept that way if one knows how to deal with pests and weeds. Your lawn will be in a place to be well maintained if you can notice pests and weeds as soon as they invade your lawn.

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